Japan Research and Analysis
through Internet Information

by Yasuharu Dando

About the author

Yasuharu Dando graduated from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Tokyo. He subsequently became a journalist for a nationwide newspaper. Since joining "Science Net" in 1988, the first Japanese mass media personal computer network, he has kept active in electronic media. Though his specialty is science reporting, he has also covered politics, economics, culture, social matters, sports, and religion. He thought of the column using the Internet and began the series in the E-mail newspaper from 1997.

Dando believes that Internet search engines not only constitute a convenient research tool, but also form the foundation of the many "meta-societies" revealed through the "hits" the search engine returns to the user. He has gained tens of thousands of readers through the magazine and web site, 「インターネットで読み解く!」(English site: "Japan Research and Analysis through Internet Information"), as well as his columns and a subscription email newsletter.

Thanks to Dr Peter Matanle: About the author (on "electronic journal of contemporary japanese studies")

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