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When surfing on the net, something often catches our eye and weighs on our mind. Having a good command of Internet Search, Yasuharu Dando, a newspaper reporter, collects, selects, combines and understands the themes or ideas of a story, and introduces some kind of "discovery" to us. (from j-watch.com)
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"Japanese Blog Review" series began March 2005! (photo:Nakanoshima promenade in Osaka)


The new corona epidemic deeply subsides in the country inoculated with BCG specific strains (November 2021)

Achieved Japanese herd immunity, with a national character that does not bother you (October 2021)

Asians seem to be stronger than Westerners in COVID-19 (December 2020)

The Japanese government must scientifically understand the factors that suppress the new corona (September 2020)

BCG is a great anti-corona control, Japanese strain is the strongest guardian deity (June 2020)

BCG Japanese vaccination countries have few deaths and infections per million people. The effect of vaccination with Russian strains was second, followed by the effect of suppressing weak BCG vaccinations such as Danish strains. South Africa switched from BCG Japanese strains to Danish strains in 2000.

Corona Miracle Japan's leading player is BCG Japanese strains (May 2020)

Mobile music app dramatically evolved, but generally unknown (October 2018)

Dam height broke down in Laos, 6.4 meters cut by cost reduction (October 2018)

High-speed railway which can not pay in China was sold to developing countries (August 2018)

A science and technology white paper lamenting the decline of Japan's scientific power is not being seen (July 2018)

90% self evacuation at Fukushima nuclear power plant accident, no trust in national instruction (April 2018)

Photo collection of cherry blossoms and autumn leaves (February 2018)

Japanese Youth and Women Got Skinny Mainly due to Their Anxieties over Employment (December 2008)

There is a possibility that one third of males in their 20s will be unmarried throughout their lifetime. (October 2006) ...Japanese Blog Review 6

Seemingly Overheated International Marriages in East Asia (May 2006) ...Japanese Blog Review 5

Level Crossing Accident Investigation - Real Name Journalist's Blog & Amateur Blogs (July 2005) ...Japanese Blog Review 4

The Japanese Automobile Industry Does Not Bring the World Happiness (June 2005) ...Japanese Blog Review 3

Nuclear Power: How Electricity companies and the administration stray from common sense. (May 2005)
...Japanese Blog Review 2

Misgivings about the dull personnel revolution at Sony (March 2005)...Japanese Blog Review 1

Net-Based Cultures Have Reached a Turning Point (Oct 2004)

A Worst Possible Beginning to University Reform (May 2004)
(under printing by "electronic journal of contemporary japanese studies")

Large amount judgment of invention countervalue projects Japanese corporate society. (April 2004)

Japanese People Who Don't Grow out of Dependency on Tobacco (October 2003)

The Music Industry Is Sliding Down a Slope of Self-Destruction (April 2003)

The Peak of Semiconductor Technology Is in Sight (July 2002)

How the Internet Is Saving Japan from Becoming a Nation of Lifetime Singles (December 2001)

Issues Behind the Problem of the Decrease in Scholastic Ability (March 2001)

Men Getting Fatter, Women Getting Thinner (November 2000)

The Japanese Automobile Industry Has Broken a Taboo.

The U.S.-Japan Gap in Attitude Towards Smoking

Confusion Deepens in Universities


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