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by Yasuharu Dando

Asians seem to be stronger than Westerners in COVID-19

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The increase in new coronavirus COVID-19 infections in Japan has not subsided, and is rather accelerating toward the end of the year. Not surprisingly, we only took steps to suspend the "Go To" campaign. The government has no choice but to ask the citizens to refrain from doing so. However, if you look at the world from a broader perspective, there is a clear difference between Asia and Europe and the United States, as epidemics are flourishing on a nationwide scale in each country. Please see the following graph comparing the outbreaks of new cases in Europe, the United States and major Asian countries per million people.

It is a graph depicting the transition of the number of newly infected people over the past 7 days. With the exception of the United States, which continues to lead the United States, which remains untouched by mutant viruses, Germany, Italy, France, and Spain are concentrated in the 1,000s per million, while Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, and India are in the hundreds. Gathered in. In other words, there is a 10-fold difference in infection outbreaks between Europe and Asia during epidemics.

The "Corona Suppression Task Force" has been launched to find out the reason why the number of Japanese deaths due to Corona is small. The difference in the spread of masks that was first mentioned is disappearing from Europe. Inquiries have begun on whether the racial differences in HLA related to the immune response are effective in Japanese and Asians.

The problem of immunity acquisition by BCG inoculation, which was pointed out in the September review "Factors of suppressing the new corona, the government scientifically grasps", cannot be overlooked. As of December 29, we have created a list of countries comparing the number of infected and dead per million people.

In countries where BCG has not been vaccinated or where vaccination has been discontinued, the number of deaths per million has exceeded the 1,000 mark in the United States, Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain, etc. Peru has exceeded 1,000 people in the country of inoculation of strains that are weaker than Japanese strains. There are dozens of people inoculated in Japan, including 26 in Japan, and the difference is clear. Saudi Arabia, which has been frequented by foreign workers with poor living conditions, and Iraq, which has spread to a huge number of refugee camps, may have increased due to special factors.

It is interesting that South Africa, which had been vaccinated with Japanese strains until 2000, has 457 deaths and the infected people are located in the middle of the frequent occurrence countries. Canada, a country without BCG vaccination, has 401 deaths and the same number of infected people as South Africa. In Canada, medical personnel and indigenous peoples are inoculated with Japanese strains, which may have been stopped by the occurrence of clusters in medical facilities.

Russian strains, which are as strong as Japanese strains, seem to be working numerically, but hot news jumped in. The Russian government has admitted that this year's mortality was due to the new Corona. This will more than triple the death toll. Japan is a country with almost no mortality, but it is difficult to compare because there are so many in each country.