Japan Research and Analysis
through Internet Information

by Yasuharu Dando

Photo collection of cherry blossoms and autumn leaves

After 2015, we will deliver photo collections of cherry blossoms and autumn leaves photographed mainly in Kyoto. In the photos of the cherry blossoms, Daigoji, Gion Shirakawa, Kiya Town, Bishamondo and Heian Shrine, and Shiga Prefecture Hikone castle were added. The picture of autumn leaves are Nisonin and Gioji Temple, and Kitano Tenman-gu Shrine.

a huge shintre cherry tree at Sanjoin in Daigoji Temple

Gion Shirakawa night cherry blossoms

Light-up "Kiya-machi"

a branch of cherry blossoms in Bishamon-do

Heian Jingu Shrine Red Crimson

Cherry blossoms in Hikone castle of national treasure

Nisonin Temple

Gioji Temple (The bottom is the view of the fresh green ・ blue maple taken in the same moss garden in 2016)

Kitano Tenman-gu Shrine

"Nemophila's blue hills and wisteria trellis"(2019/05/05)

"Momiji of Eikando, a treasure trove of gradation"(2019/12/01)